mantra : my art is all about clarity. it is laconic, sometimes aggressive, sometimes quiet or both simultaneously but always intense.

CDS Projects

Founding member of Charlie Don't Surf Projects, Athens. CDS Projects invents and implements guerrilla contemporary art meta-projects in Athens (GR) and abroad. It focuses on underground scene art production.                                     This is hardcore. This is how we ride.                                                                                                                    

rules :   the 1st rule @ CDS is: be irreverent the 2nd rule @ CDS is: be irreverent the 3rd rule @ CDS is: be direct the 4th rule @ CDS is: never break the 4 rules

curatorial model (bullets) :

only build on the work & the artist's direction of choice/ never try to artificially fit it in any externally conceived concept.

be irreverent to how things are/were usually done. go with open, unguiding exhibition contexts. find flexible & adaptable responses.

be radical, be fresh, thus even foolish sometimes. present the work in playful, provoking, unexpected ways.

shape the scene/market, not obey the market/scene.

de-intelectualize as much as possible / be simple, welcoming, warm (no arrogance)

be short & concise, strictly A4 size exhibition texts

no cheap thrills.

address the big burning issues, the present ones and the ones that are coming.

excite, be honest, self-critical, self-sarcastic, be genuine and therefore only present genuine.

repeat all of the above endlessly, until you create a new paradigm, and if/when you achieve that, kill it and start over.


born in Athens, Greece 1976
lives and works in Athens, Greece
studied Civil Engineering at Imperial College, London, UK and Architecture , at the Architectural Association school of Architecture, London, UK.
collected privately in: Greece, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA

selected solo exhibitions

"broken cont'd", Ersi Gallery Athens

"broken", Kolner Liste International Art fair, Cologne, (sponsored by Aegean Airlines)
("North and South as (is) one" , Berliner Liste Inernational Art Fair, Berlin, joint exhibition with art photographer Annuska Dal Maso)

"islands of now plus one", Root Art Space, Athens

"transient", Krinos Suites Hotel, Andros island,

"assembling a fluorescent mantra cont'd", Walter Bischoff Galerie, Berlin,
catalogue of works ( Ayis_Zita_FBcatalogue_2010.pdf)

"assembling a fluorescent mantra", Galleria Immaginaria Arti Visive, Florence,

"ultraviolet", Gallery 7, Athens,
"content", Innsbruck International Art Fair, Innsbruck, Galleria Immaginaria Arti Visive

"cold Attractors - hladna privlacnost", Chaos Gallery Belgrade

"Kime 001", Etoile Toy Visual Arts, Florence,